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Table Tennis Archive

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Newspaper Articles Featuring PongWorld

NW Indiana Times Article
"A Passion for Ping Pong" , March 7, 2003

Seattle Times Article
Read the article "Bouncing back: Ping-Pong may be on the upswing at US workplaces", a very interesting article on the growing popularity of table tennis in US workplaces such as Microsoft and Boeing, as well as "What do you call it?".

PongWorld Activities

PongWorld was a proud sponsor of the Front Range Open Tournament held in Colorado U.S.A. on October 25, 2008. View the results and action photos. 2008 FRO action photo
Scene from the 2008 Front Range Open

PongWorld helped organize a table tennis tournament in Fort Collins, Colorado. Known as the Fort Collins 2001 Open Table Tennis Tournament, it was a great event for beginning and advanced players alike.

Survey results

Survey: Practice Makes Perfect
Thanks to all who answered our past Survey Question "Practice Makes Perfect". It's nice to see that the majority of you get to play more than 9 times per month! Here are the results:
0 - 2 times: 12% (428)
3 - 5 times: 10% (359)
6 - 8 times: 9% (313)
9 or more: 70% (2518)

Results and other news


Timo Boll and Wang Yue Gu Win the 2010 China vs World

July 4, 2010


The two best Swedish teams battle for Gold

May 5, 2010

Watch the two best Swedish teams of 2010 battle in the final

Watch the two best Swedish teams of 2010, Eslövs AI versus Söderhamns UIF, battle for the title of the Swedish League.

Chinese youth excel at the 2010 Volkswagen China versus the World Tournament in Japan • July 1, 2010

Ping pong paz logo

A recently launched ITTF program aims to bring table tennis to Colombian kids in empoverished neighborhoods. Known as "Ping Pong Paz", the program is a joint venture between Peace and Sports, ITTF, and Colombianitos with the support of Butterfly and the Colombian Table Tennis Federation.

World Champions Relinquish Top Spots

Chinaís Wang Hao and Zhang Yining, the winners of the 2009 World Championships and listed at no. 1 throughout the past year have relinquished their exalted positions. Ma Long, 21 years old, moves into the top spot on the menís list, while 18 year old Liu Shiwen takes the no. 1 women's spot.   read more...

Ma Long
photo courtesy
of the ITTF



Michael Maze of Denmark amazing at European Championships

For the first time, Michael Maze of Denmark won the European Championships this year in Stuttgart, Germany. He beat out Werner Schlager for the title while dropping only one game in the final match.   read more...

Michael Maze of Denmark action photo
photo courtesy
of the ITTF

North America hopes to lose 'basement' image • Dec 28, 2009



US Nationals 2006

Men: David Zhuang d. Ilija Lupulesku

Women: Wang Chen d. Jasna Reed

US Nationals 2006

PongWorld photo


2005 Pro Tour Panasonic China Open

Men: Wang Liqin (CHN) def. Timo Boll (GER)
Women: Guo Yue (CHN) def. Chang Chenchen (CHN)

2005 Pro Tour Liebherr Croatian Open

Men: Samsonov Vladimir (BLR) def. Schlager Werner (AUT)
Women: Tie Yana (HKG) def. Sun Bei Bei (SIN)

2005 Pro Tour Liebherr Slovenian Open

Men: Kuzmin Fedor (RUS) def. Ko Lai Chak (HKG)
Women: Li Jia Wei (SIN) def. Lin Ling (HKG)

2005 Volkswagen
48th World Table Tennis Championships

Chinese flag Shanghai, China
Wang Liqin
Men's Winner: Wang Liqin, China

Zhang Yining
Women's Winner: Zhang Yining, China


USA 2004 Killerspin Open
Chicago, USA

Jan-Ove Waldner def. Joo Se Hyuk
Wang Chen def. Mihaela Steff


USA 2003 US Nationals
Las Vegas, USA

Ilija Lupulesku d. Mark Hazinski
Jasna Reed d. Tawny Banh

China 2003 Pro Tour Grand Finals
Guangzhou, China

Wang Hao (CHN) d. Hao Shuai (CHN)
Niu Jiangfeng (CHN) d. Zhang Yining (CHN)

China 2003 Women's World Cup
Hong Kong

Wang Nan (CHN) d. Zhang Yining (CHN)

China 2003 Men's World Cup
Jiangyin, China

Ma Lin (CHN) d. Kreanga Kalinikos (GRE)

USA 2003 Pro Tour US Open
Fort Lauderdale, USA

Aleksandar Karakasevic (YUG) d. Olivier Marmurek (FRA)
Aya Umemura (JPN) d. Wang Chen (USA)

Brazil 2003 Pro Tour Brazil Open
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Chuan Chih-Yuan (TPE) d. Jens Lundqvist (SWE)
Tie Yana (HKG) d. Aya Umemura (JPN)

France 2003 Liebherr World Championships
Paris, France

Werner Schlager (AUT) d. Joo Se Hyuk (KOR)
Wang Nan (CHN) d. Zhang Yining (CHN)

Italy 2003 Liebherr European Championships
Courmayeur, Italy

Men's Team:
1) Belarus 2) Germany 3) Czech Rep. 4) Sweden
Women's Team
1) Italy 2) Croatia 3) Romania 4) Hungary

Qatar 2003 Pro Tour Qatar Open
Doha, Qatar

Men's Final:
Vladimir Samsonov (BLR) d. Alexei Smirnov (RUS)
Women's Final
Tamara Boros (CRO) d. Viktoria Pavlovich (BLR)

Thailand 16th Asian Championships
Bangkok, Thailand

Men's Team:
1) China 2) Taipei 3) Korea 4) Hong Kong 5) Japan
Women's Team:
1) China 2) Hong Kong 3) Singapore & Japan 5) Malaysia


Sweden 2002 Grand Finals
Stockholm, Sweden

Men's Final:
Chuan Chih-Yuan (TPE) d. Kreanga Kalinikos (GRE)
Women's Final:
Zhang Yining (CHN) d. Guo Yue (CHN)


European Championships - 2001 Teams

Men  1) Sweden, 2) Germany, 3) France/Austria
Women  1) Romania, 2) Germany, 3) Sweden/Hungary

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