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Country Profile:
    French Table Tennis / Franšais Tennis de Table

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France French flag La France

As the current French stars reach their forties (such as Damien Eloi, Patrick Chila, Jean-Philippe Gatien and Christophe Legout), France will have to look for new youth to replace their role. So how is the French youth doing on the international scene? As of late 2009, the girls' team is ranked 11th, while the boys' team is ranked 6th.

Current Stars

Rankings as of September 2009

Eloi Damien
World Rank: 62   DOB 1969

Patrick Chila
World Rank: 66   DOB 1969

Jean-Philippe Gatien
World Rank: retired   DOB: 1968

Other players: Christopher Legout (53)

History of table tennis in France

We did not find a good source for the history of the sport in France. If anyone can help, please contact us.

World Team Results: Men

  • 1997 Men's World Team Finalists
  • 1994 Men's World Team Cup Third Place
  • 1991 Men's World Team Cup Third Place
  • 1991 Men's World Team Third Place
  • 1953 Men's World Team Third Place
  • 1950 Men's World Team Third Place
  • 1949 Women's World Team Third Place
  • 1948 Men's World Team Finalists
  • 1947 Men's World Team Third Place
  • 1936 Men's World Team Third Place

Olympics: Men

  • 2000 Doubles Bronze
  • 1992 Singles Silver (Gatien)

World Championhips: Men

  • 1994 Men's World Cup Winner (Gatien)
  • 1993 Men's Champion (Gatien)
  • 1991 Men's World Cup Finalist (Gatien)


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