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Note: Researching Chinese table tennis history has been difficult (especially since we don't read Chinese), and we cannot be certain that the information is accurate and complete. We apologize for incorrect or incomplete information and we are open to making corrections. PongWorld Staff

China has dominated both men's and women's table tennis during long periods since the 1960s. The Chinese have many excellent star players currently in the top 20 in the world- too many to profile here.

Previous Stars

Rankings as of September 2009

Wang Liqin
World Rank: 5   DOB: 1978

Ma Lin
World Rank: 4   DOB: 1980

Liu Guozheng
World Rank:   DOB: 1980

Wang Nan
World Rank: 7   DOB: 1978

Zhang Yining
World Rank: 1   DOB: 1982

Li Ju
World Rank:   DOB: 1976

More Chinese top players

Hope for the Future and Outlook

Not surprisingly, the future of Chinese table tennis looks as bright as ever. An amazing six of the top ten players in the world on both the men's and women's side currently are Chinese players (as of September 2009). The last time we reported this statistic a few years ago, that number was 5, so it has increased for both the men and women!

Moreover, many of these players are young enough to continue playing for many more years. We can't possibly list all the great Chinese players, so here we list a few of them and their current world ranking.

Wang Hao (1)
Ma Long (2)
Ma Lin (4)
Wang Liqin (5)
Hao Shuai (7)
Chen Qi (9)
Zhang Jike (20)
Zhang Yining (1)
Guo Yue (2)
Li Xiaoxia (3)
Liu Shiwen (4)
Guo Yan (5)
Wang Nan (7)
Ding Ning (11)
Cao Zhen (16)
Fan Ying (18)


We had difficulty finding results for past ITTF events. Certainly the Chinese have more titles than those listed here. We will complement with additional information as it becomes available.

World Team Results: Men
Chinese Champions
  • 2001 World Team Champions
  • 2000 World Team Finalists
World Team Results: Women
  • 2001 World Team Champions
  • 2000 World Team Champions

Olympics: Men
  • 2000 Gold (Linghui Kong)
  • 2000 Bronze (Liu Guoliang)
  • 1996 Gold (Liu Guoliang)
  • 1996 Silver (Wang Tao)
  • 1992 Bronze (Ma Wenge)
Olympics: Women
  • 2000 Gold (Nan Wang)
  • 2000 Silver (Ju Li)
  • 1996 Gold (Deng Yaping)
  • 1996 Bronze (Qiao Hong)
  • 1992 Gold (Deng Yaping)
  • 1992 Silver (Qiao Hong)
  • 1988 Gold (Chen Jing)
  • 1988 Silver (Li Huifen)
  • 1988 Bronze (Jiao Zhimin)
World Championhips: Men
  • 2001 Champion (Wang Liqin)
  • 2001 Finalist (Kong Linghui)
  • 2001 Third Place (Ma Lin)
  • 1999 Champion (Liu Guoliang)
  • 1999 Finalist (Ma Lin)
  • 1999 Doubles Champions
  • 1999 Doubles Finalists
  • 1995 Champion (Kong Linghui)
  • 1995 Finalist (Liu Guoliang)
World Championhips: Women
  • 2001 Champion (Wang Nan)
  • 2001 Finalist (Lin Ling)
  • 2001 Third Place (Zhang Yining)
  • 1999 Champion (Wang Nan)
  • 1999 Finalist (Zhang Yining)
  • 1999 Third Place (Li Nan)
  • 1999 Doubles Champions
  • 1999 Doubles Finalists
  • 1999 Doubles Third Place


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