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2017 Updates

The new PongWorld.com is launched with a major redesign. Among the bigger changes inlclude responsive design so that the site also works on smaller devices such as mobile phones and surfisar (tablets).

2016 Updates

Work on a major overhaul of the website begins. The site is rebuilt from the ground up.

2013 Updates

Major redesign of the home page. Look for other exciting updates this year, especially in the areas of the Find A Partner feature, user community interaction and the Elite profiles.

2012 Updates

Updated the user community and the Elite profiles section.

2010 Updates

User pages.
Users can edit their profiles and Find-A-Player entries.

2009 Updates

New logo!
New header toolbar
Big changes to the Find A Partner feature
Refreshed the Elite players section
Updated the table tennis on TV section
Reorganized the home page content
Cleaner news articles section
Many behind-the-scenes improvements such as cleaner CSS and HTML

2008 Updates

Updated coverage of tournaments, events and news.

2007 Updates

There were many updates in the areas of the Player Community.

2006 Updates

Several behind-the-scenes improvements.

2005 Updates

Expanded the User Community
Improved the Find A Player features
Additions made to Focus on Country feature

2004 Updates

2004 Olympics Report
Focus on France
Added drills to the Tips section
Updated Elite Player Profiles
Added search options to the Community Message Board

2003 Updates

Add Your Link
Updated Table Tennis History
Other racket sports: tennis, racquetball, badminton
New home page design
Added information to Web Design section.
Added GIS Tools section.

2002 Updates

Table Tennis Rules
Country in Focus
Updated Find-A-Player with geographical search tools in the United States.
Updated Classifieds
Updated Tips
Tournament: 2002 Fort Collins, Colorado results and report with photos
Added results and upcoming events to home page.

2001 Updates

Table Tennis Community with Message Board, Find-A-Player network, Classifieds.
Radically redesigned the home page layout. New logo.
Tournament: 2001 US Open Report and Photos
Tournament: 2001 Fort Collins, Colorado results and report with photos

2000 Updates

Equipment Reviews database
Elite player profiles and photos
Feedback form
2000 Olympics

August 28, 2000

That is the birth date of PongWorld.

This website started out as a few static pages created with the FrontPage HTML editor. It didn't take me long to realize that FrontPage is second-to-all, so after upgrading to TextPad and other tools, I was finally on the right path.

To create the PongWorld database, I first modeled the table objects and relationships with PowerDesigner. This enabled me to not only create a sleek database design that works well, but also to generate the database DDL SQL with a mere click of a button. Then all I had to do was to execute this SQL script to create all of the database objects.

My philosophy in designing this website has been to keep things simple and page-sizes small. This way, downloading the pages is fast and visitors hopefully won't be annoyed by blinking, moving, popping or other annoying objects. For more on this subject, consult Jakob Nielsen's website.

Let us know how we are doing. Send us an email with suggestions, complaints, or praise.

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