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TABLE TENNIS at VP - Tournament 5: August 2000 Doubles

August 2000 Doubles Tournament. Won by Greg and William.

The results:
Division 1:
1) Greg and William (5-1)
2) Mike C. and Venkata / Johan and Vijay / Ajay D. and Selvam (4-2)
5) Murali and Srini (3-3)
6) AJ and Rick B. (1-5)
7) Jeff V. and Mike B. (0-6)

Division 2: (all games not played)
1) Sarah and Kristian / Craig S. and Ron (2-2)
3) Jon and Pete / Charles and John P. (1-1)
5) Chris M. and Katie O. (1-2)

Check out this picture collage of Day 1!

Day 2

Day 3

Participating Double Teams
Mike C. & Venkata
AJ & Rick
Vijay & Johan
Murali & Srini
Mike B. & Jeff V.
Greg O. & William
Selva & Ajay
Katie O. & Chris M.
Sarah S. & Kristian R.
Todd P. & Wendell S.
Peter S. & Jon H.
Craig S. & Ronald N.
Chuck & John P.
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