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TABLE TENNIS at VP - Billings, Montana Tournament 2000

About the Tournament

Called the Smack and Pack Team Tournament because it also offers hiking opportunities, this is a USATT $1000 sanctioned tournament hosted by the Yellowstone Table Tennis Club in Billings, Montana. Up to 16 teams of 2 or more players will participate. It is organized into a single round robin where each team plays every other team so there is a lot of table tennis to be played in 2 days.

A match between 2 teams is played best 3 out of 5 games. Play starts out with 2 singles games and 1 doubles game. Unless one team has won all 3 games, another singles game is played. Yet another singles game is played if the results are 2-2 at this point. All games are played best 2 out 3 games.

The Teams from VP

The Rocky Mountain Oysters team consists of Mike C. and Venkata.

The VP Rookies team consists of Vijay and Johan.