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Fort Collins Round Robin

STANDINGS & RESULTS - Current standings are now part of the Colorado statewide ratings' system. Detailed match results are provided at

WHO - This league is open to all players over 18 years of age. Participating players do not need to be USATT members.

WHEN - The 3rd Saturday of each month (started January 18, 2003).

WHERE - Fort Collins Senior Center

FORMAT - Round Robin groups of 4-6 players each, where each player plays all other players in the same group. A player's points increase and decrease as s/he wins and loses, similar to the USATT ratings system.

All matches are played best 3/5 games to 11 points. 40mm balls will be used and USATT rules will be followed, though not strictly enforced.

COST - Each player pays for the use of the Senior Center facility (about $4.00/day).