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2001 Results

2002 Fort Collins Open
A non-profit table tennis tournament in Fort Collins, Colorado

Organizers: Mike and Charleste King, Judd Disch, Mike Morita
Date: November 9, 2002
This year's event was a huge success.


Thank You!

  • Katie Stieber and the City of Fort Collins.
  • The organizers who's hard work made this tournament a reality.
  • All the players who made this tournament a success.


Women's Over 50 Singles -
Men's Over 50 Singles -
Recreational Singles Round Robin
Intermediate Singles Double Elimination
Open Singles Double Elimination
Open Doubles Double Elimination

Tournament results
and action photos.



Awards were presented to the top 3 place finishers in each division.


Recreational Players ~USATT rating of <1100
Intermediate Players ~USATT rating of <1500
Advanced Players ~USATT rating of >1500