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New Table Tops

Two inventors propose new table tops for table tennis


Note:  PongWorld is in no way related to or endorses the following inventions and table top designs. However, we do value open discussion and new ideas and therefore have agreed to serve as a mediator for this proposal. Please comment on this proposal in the Comments section.

Two American inventors from Michigan have designed a table tennis table-related product. Five interchangeable, yet different ACCESSORY TABLE TOPS have been patented.

The inventors have submitted these new inventions in order to spark a discussion. In short, they want to hear and exchange ideas related to these new table tennis products. Especially table tennis players, coaches, organizers, equipment manufacturers and retailers are invited to comment on this concept.

Write your comments regarding these new tops in the Comments section.

Table tops figure 2

Design 2

Table tops figure 5

Design 5

Figures of the other tops
Design 1       Design 3       Design 4

The following text was submitted by the inventors.

The Technical Details

See this PDF doc [124 KB] for the figures relating to the below specifications.

Referring to the drawings, each accessory top has the
same length and width dimensions, the width being
equal to a standard table tennis table and the length
being equal to half of a standard table tennis table.
The accessory tops are placed in the center of the
table, covering the center two quarters of the table.
As shown in all of the drawings, a typical table
tennis table includes a planar table top 11 having an
upwardly facing playing surface 12. The table top 11
is supported by six ground-engaging legs 13. A
vertical net 14 extends transversely across the center
of the table top 11 and is supported above the playing
surface 12.

Fig. 3 shows the DOUBLE PONG TOP third embodiment
table tennis table 30 according to the present
invention having a double pong accessory top 35 which
is a combination of the flat top 15 and angled top 25.
The double pong top 35 starts out from an edge 37 at
the first playing surface 12 and angles upwardly
defining a first portion 36a of a second playing
surface. At an apex 39, the top 35 extends in a
horizontal plane to define a second portion 36b of the
second playing surface parallel to the first playing
surface 12. The double pong top 35 features the two
horizontal playing surfaces 36b just as the flat top
15, but also adds the additional angled playing
surfaces 36a as the angled top 25. As with the flat
top 15, the net 14 is supported by posts 38. This
design of the accessory top 35 provides a higher
degree of difficulty in the sport of table tennis.

Tri pong is even more difficult and challenging than
double pong in that there is the concave section 46c
in the center of the top 45, creating a void in the
second playing surface which is neither easy to hit
into nor hit out of.

The parabolic (curved) surface 56 gives a completely
different play to the game of table tennis than any of
the described accessory tops. The ball will deflect
off the curved top with a unique trajectory as
compared to the horizontal and angled playing

The Story Behind the X-Tops

Two American inventors from Mt. Pleasant, MI have
designed a table tennis table-related product that is
simply a pure and exciting "extension" of the game of
table tennis.  Five interchangeable, yet different
ACCESSORY TABLE TOPS have been patented.  Placed on
top of any existing table tennis table, each top
offers a unique challenge to the player.

Every shot, every angle, bounce, cut, lob or slam will
be different, and yet, the same.  You’ll still play
regulation rules with X-TOPS.  We didn’t change the
dimensions of the standard table and we’re not
changing the game either.  We’re just "extending" the
game of table tennis.

A few years ago, Ken (61) was watching "Forrest Gump",
for the umpteenth time; and after the table tennis
scene, he immediately started to conceive the idea.
His first thoughts were about how bumper pool evolved
from a standard pool table.  But Ken did not want to
disturb the size, shape etc., of the standard
table... like bumper pool did.  He also noticed that
speed and slam were integral and dominant factors and
strived to balance the two with finesse and strategy.
So he contacted Jared (29)  a local design engineer
(and his best friends son), and the old teamed up with
the young and they created the five (5) accessory
tops.  We had gained perspective from the 40’s-50’s
and the current rage of the present marketplace.  Now
we do have speed and slam combined with finesse and
Note:  There is also patent coverage on a video game
format with our accessory tops.  See website, the table tennis game, and
imagine our accessory tops being utilized.

In our efforts to bring this exciting product to
market, we have encountered various obstacles along
the way... namely conservative manufacturers and buyers.
We realize that things don’t happen over night, etc.,
just ask Lonnie Johnson, inventor of The Super Soaker.
But, all it took was one manufacturer to "see the
forest through the trees" with Lonnie and his

So, we felt it best at this time to disclose our
product here on PongWorld’s terrific and world-wide
Community Board.  Perhaps in addition to exposing our
product to players, coaches, fans, retailers, and
non-players, etc., this exposure will also open up a
lot of corporate eyes.

Gosh, I’ve got to believe that all those manufacturers
that turned down Mr. Johnson’s Super Soaker are still
kicking themselves in the rear... as the sole intelligent
manufacturer, with Lonnie, laughed all the way to the

Why is this product needed?  We felt the need for
this product stems directly from the fact that there
has not been any major or even one significant change
to the industry/game in many years!

The advantages from playing on our accessory tops
lends simply to the fact that is raises the degree of
difficulty in playing.  So now everybody can play
combining speed and slam with finesse and strategy!

What impact will it have on the industry?  We
sincerely hope it re-lights a fire within every table
tennis player in the world; and we also hope it lights
that same fire within non-players too!

Again, with our accessory tops, we view them simply in
terms of "extending" the game of table tennis!


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