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X-Treme Table Tennis?

Proposal for a new table tennis design


Note:  PongWorld is in no way related to or endorses the following invention and table design. However, we do value open discussion and new ideas, and therefore have agreed to serve as a mediator for this proposal. Please comment on this proposal in the Comments section.


X-shaped table design

An Egyptian inventor has created a new concept for the design of the table used in table tennis. The concept is described on this page with the inventor's own model images and design specifications. This design has been registered and filed in Egypt under no. : 1395 / 2003.

The inventor has submitted his invented concept in order to spark a discussion. In short, he wants hear and exchange ideas related to this new table design. Especially table tennis players, coaches, organizers, and equipment manufacturers and retailers are invited to comment on this concept.

Write your comments on this new design and change to the game in the Comments section.

The below text was submitted by the inventor.

The enclosed design of the X-Shaped table tennis table's surface, has been designed and developed to be more suitable for the tennis table game, especially for the doubles event.

The benefits of changing the table shape in this fashion are:

  1. To make the sport more suitable and adaptable for the doubles event, because the current rectangular table shape is too small for two players. Also I noted that when they are playing on it they are exchanging their positions very much, and during that they have attacking with themselves so many times. Also they always try to avoid the attacking, this point make them keep most of their attention to avoid each other, more than focusing on the ball.
  2. I noted also, the great rate of the serves or returning the ball on the current table have been taken angled directions either toward the left or to the right, and small rate of them go longitudinally (directly at the opponent). The X-shape table has been designed for the diagonal serves.
  3. As this design is new, and many people are always looking for the latest in all fields, this concept may make table tennis more enjoyable and popular.

The Table Design

The following photos are general samples and have been taken from different views.

Model - 1 The below image shows the X - Shaped table tennis table's surface designed and edged with (4) four acute angles at 60 degrees.

Model - 2 shows the X - Shaped table tennis table's surface designed and edged with (4) four acute angles at 50 degrees.

Detailed Design Specifications

( Fig. I ) shows the dashed rectangle shape ( M , N , O , P ) represents the current and normal ping pong table's surface, with its 2 playing areas ( I & II ), with its standard dimensions, where ; M - N & P - O are its Width which equals 152.5 Cm. while ; M - P & N - O are its Length which equals 274 Cm. And the L - F is the middle line or its NET line.

And as shown in this (Fig. I), shows the new designed and developed table 's surface , where the current and normal rectangular table tennis ( M , N , O , P ) has been modified into ( 2 ) two Rhomboid shapes , which are shown theoretically as : ( A , B , G , H ) & ( D , E , K , J ) .

These 2 Rhomboid shapes connects to form together one plain or board with form of X shape new designed and developed table 's surface , which has been determined in this ( Fig. I ) by the points :( A B C D E F G H I J K L ) .

The outer 4 acute angles which have been located at the points ( A ) , ( E ) , ( K ) and ( G ) must be done with some certain suitable degree as to be 50 degree .

The middle line ( L F ) is separating this new design into 2 areas too of their new shapes too ( A half X-shape for each area ) , and must be equal exactly to the same Width 152.5 Cm of the current and normal table , and must be the same 4 widths ( A-B ) , ( D E ) , ( K J ) , and ( H G ) of that new X-shape designed table 's surface .

While the Length of that new designed table 's surface is the same length 274 Cm of the current one , and is extends from each 2 opposite edges of that X- shape , that means , the length of that new X Shape designed table's surface is ( E G ) or ( A - K ) , equals 274 Cm.

( Fig. II ) shows the final and complete form of that new designed X Shape table 's surface , where as shown in this figure , both ( U ) & ( V ) are representing the hollow or gap or empty areas which are resulted from the connection of 2 mentioned Rhomboidal forms to form together that new X-Shape table 's surface .

There is some vertical line which has been recommended to be done and connects between the points ( U' ) & ( V' ) . This vertical line together with the middle or horizontal line ( T S ) , are divided that new designed X shape table 's surface into 4 playing areas ( W ) , ( X ) , ( Y ) & ( Z ) , as shown in that presented Fig. II.

While , the net used for that new modified design , will have the same specification of the normal and current one ( with height = 15.25 Cm ) , but it is longer than it as we will explain herein .

The net shall be suspended by a cord along its whole length which is extending from the point ( R ) to the point ( Q ) which are presented outer of that X- Shape form as shown in this Fig. II, and its width shall be with a height of 15.25cm above the playing surface.

The bottom of the net, along its whole length, shall be as close as possible to the playing surface and the ends of the net shall be as close as possible to the supporting posts ,and passes over the middle line ( S T ) of that new designed X Shape table 's surface .

And the allowed length of that Net has been recommended to be as the same length itself which passes from the points ( Q ) and ( R ) which will equal theoretically , to exactly or the same line of the width of that X-Shape surface , which is extending from the two peak edges of each two acute angles 50 degree for its two opposite sides .

1 & 3 are representing the players of first doubled players team . While 2 & 4 are representing the other doubled players of the second competitor team .

This modified design ( X shape table tennis table's surface ) will be ran during playing , when it will be in use , with the same of some rules and regulations of the current table tennis As I have recommending as an inventor of this developed design . And some other new rules and Regulations must be done and launched too , to be with more suitable and comply or to be matching for that new design.


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