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Table Tennis News

Next Generation Shines for China

July 1, 2010
Ian Marshall, ITTF Press Release
Chinese youth excel at the 2010 Volkswagen China versus the World Tournament in Japan
Zhao Yan outstanding on the ITTF Junior Circuit

Zhao Yan outstanding on the ITTF Junior Circuit

Chinaís next generation shone on the opening day of play, Thursday 1st July 2010, at the Japan Open in Kobe, the latest stop on the ITTF Pro Tour.

Zheng Peifeng and Wu Jiaji excelled in the Men's Singles qualification stage; whilst in the counterpart Womenís Singles competition, it was Sheng Dandan, Yi Fangxian, Zhao Yan and Zhu Yuling who caught the eye.

Wu Jiaji, who had made his inaugural international appearance only two days earlier in Shanghai at the Volkswagen 2010 China versus World All Stars match, showed that he has a distinct taste for the big stage.

Only 15 years old he beat the vastly experienced Cai Xiao Li of Singapore before defeating Hong Kongís Li Kwun Ngai and Austriaís Feng Xiaoquan.

Success for the rising stars of China and there was also success for the leading names on the first day of play in the group stage of both the Menís Singles and Womenís Singles events.

In the Menís Singles, Chinese Taipeiís Chen Chien-An and Turkeyís Li Ahmet, the two highest world ranked players in action both finished in first place in their respective groups as did Japanís Yuka Ishigaki and Hong Kongís Lin Ling in the counterpart female event.


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